Helping people love God and others more!

OUR MISSION | Why we exist

To reach everyone with the Gospel and lead them to becoming fully devoted disciples of Jesus Christ. 

OUR VISION | What we desire to become

To become a biblically functioning community of followers of Jesus Christ. 

OUR PURPOSES | Our daily focus

WORSHIP - We seek to glorify God through worshipping Him and Him alone, individually and corporately 
CONNECT - We seek to build God honoring, biblically grounded relationships with others within our church and local community. 
SERVE - We seek to serve God by giving cheerfully and sacrificially of our time and resources as we partner with Him in serving others within our church, community and world. 
GROW - We seek to develop mature, fully devoted disciples of Jesus Christ. 
REACH - We seek to reach our community for Christ by reflecting his nature, inviting others to join us and by being prepared to give an answer for why we believe. 

OUR VALUES | How we do what we do

  • The Bible is the supreme authority in the life of every believer. 
  • Lost people matter to God; therefore they matter to us.
  • Teaching and programming must remain doctrinally pure, while being culturally relevant and life transforming.
  • Excellence honors God and inspires people.
  • We love everyone and are inclusive of all people, regardless of race, gender, socioeconomics, past religious experiences, or depth or their relationship with God. 
  • Full devotion to God is normal for all believers; anything less is not full devotion. 
  • Believers are gifted by God to do work within the church and should serve in their area of spiritual giftedness; men and women are equally gifted to serve. 
  • Accountability within Christian fellowship is necessary for every believer to grow in their relationship with the Lord.