Men's Ministry


About Us

Christ Community Church’s men’s ministry exists to encourage men to connect with one another, grow in their relationship with Christ and serve Christ in our homes, workplaces, church and community at large.

We believe men are called to make a difference in their world and we believe the only way men can make that difference is by truly knowing Jesus Christ and having a personal relationship with Him. Thus, our men’s ministry wants to create a fraternity of Christlike men to change our world. Big dream? Yes it is! But men like challenges and being called to higher purposes. So, don’t sit on the sidelines. Take a few steps and get connected to other Men of Christ.  

Men’s Connection Events

 Throughout the year, special events are scheduled where the men of Christ Community Church can get together for fun and building relationships. This is a great first step to get connected with other guys. These events include:

  • Movie nights
  • Steak night
  • Fishing
  • Bowling
  • Softball
  • Padres Games
  • Etc.

Men’s Annual Retreat

 Annually, the men of Christ Community Church take a few days away from work, family and responsibilities to connect with God and each other on our men’s retreat. The retreats are held accessible locations, are relatively inexpensive and provide an environment of rest, quiet and recreation where men can be men as they connect with their Maker.