History & Affiliation

Christ Community Church was planted in 1987 in Scripps Ranch by Pastor Phil Hester and the Southern Baptist Convention. Northstar Community Church was our original name, which was changed in 2003 to Christ Community Church of San Diego. The church met at Pastor Phil’s home, then Jerabeck Elementary School, then Miramar Ranch Elementary School. In 1999, Pastor Phil left CCC and moved to Atlanta to teach church planting at a local university. The church was led by our interim pastor, Alan Wheatley, until Pastor Darrell Dunlap was called as our senior pastor in September 2000.

The church remained part of the Southern Baptist denomination until 1998 when we left and attached to the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship. In 2000, the church joined the Willow Creek Association, an association of like-minded churches from around the world seeking to make the church relevant to our society and sharing the Gospel with everyone. In 2001, the congregation voted and decided to become an independent community church led by a team of elders on the local level focused on the Bible as our authority for church governance. 

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The church moved into the Scripps Ranch Library community room in late 2001 and then relocated to a large lecture hall at Miramar College in November of 2002 where we continued to meet for eight years, using the large lecture hall, multiple classrooms and a large outdoor patio. In October 2010, the church relocated to Kearny Villa Road, our current facility, where we finally had a location throughout the week as well as on weekends.